3-Layer Neck Protect Overlay Custom OR Gown

This medical-grade protective suit is made of two-layer 100% polypropylene fabric which highly resists harmful substances, bacteria, and dusts. The suit provides reliable protection and comfort with it?s lightweight and breathable material. It also has a filtration feature that effectively protects the wearer from being contaminated with virus and other hazardous particles.

Generic Name: PPE OR/Laboratory Gown
Material: Agritex (100% polypropylene, non-hazardous based from UN GHS Criteria), raw material from Singapore, processed in the Philippines
Colors Available: Yellow (inner linings: white)
Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large

  • Product Description:
  • Made with ultra-soft non-woven and breathable fabric with 2 layers of pure white lining
  • 65GSM thick outer layer w/17GSM double layer
  • Machine sewn
  • Made in the Philippines

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