3 - Layer Neck Protect Overlay OR Gown Set

3-Layer neck protect overlay OR gown set is composed of a neck protect overlay OR gown, bouffant hood with neck cover, garter face mask, and garter shoe cover all made of two-layer 100% polypropylene fabric which highly resists harmful substances, bacteria, and dusts. It also has a filtration feature that effectively protects the wearer from being contaminated.

  • The neck protect lab gown provides sustained and effective protection from neck to arms and other exposed body areas during medical procedures.
  • The bouffant hood does not only cover the head but also the neck and other parts of the face that maybe exposed from bacteria during medical procedures.
  • The face mask is designed with comfortable elastic ear hooks which eliminate ear pressure while the inner layer is made of soft facial fabric with effective filter membrane.
  • The garter shoe cover has non-slip design that can ensure safety in various situations, better tear resistance, and very durable.

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